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Logs in Forest

Modernized Woodworking Services and Materials for the Craftsman in You.

Promoting local sustainability, salvaged lumber, and high-quality building in Bellwood, PA

About Timber Bear

The purpose of Timber Bear Woodworks is to create a unique and impactful local business here in central Pennsylvania that provides accessible, modernized woodworking services and premium hardwoods for the weekend DIY to the professional carpenter and tradesman. 

Within our repurposed warehouse in Bellwood, PA, we currently offer an incredible list of services: Custom wood kiln drying with our iDry Vacuum Kiln, custom fabrication of high-end furniture, we sell a wide selection of rough-sawn, kiln-dried hardwoods from dimensional lumber to premium live-edge slabs, we offer custom saw-milling with our Woodland Mills sawmill, both portable and at our headquarters, and we also provide custom CNC work for any engraving or precision projects you need. Regardless of your project or service needs, we want to assist you any way we can and ensure that you receive the highest quality experience possible. Let us help you create something special today. Timber Bear is more than ready to be your local go-to wood resource!


Tyler's Story

Growing up in a small town in central PA, I've always been surrounded by hardworking, very skilled people that always knew how to fix and build just about anything. For as long as I can remember, my dad was one of those people and is still one of the most handy people I know. I have always admired his ability to problem solve and make incredible, functional things out of nothing. I love learning new skills and creating things that mean something.

For the past decade, I've worked in the fitness and rehab field, where I currently own two different businesses. I have a great passion for helping people rediscover their former health and fitness, while making things fun and encouraging at the same time. But I also have a deep passion for the outdoors and and working with my hands. Being dad's assistant in the garage as a kid, taking shop class in high school, and all my time outside camping and hunting gave me such a strong respect for trees, woodworking, and making useful things. My purpose with starting Timber Bear Woodworks was to establish an efficient workshop space for creating, building, and re-purposing all things wood and lumber related and hopefully impact our local communities by promoting sustainability, utilizing local resources, and highlighting other small businesses.

Timber Bear Services

Serving all of central PA and surrounding states

The primary goal with our services is to create an exclusive, one-stop-shop experience for clients involved in the lumber and woodworking world. We’ve set out to be the reliable, go-to hardwood lumber and woodworking facility for DIYer’s, service-based woodworking companies, and clients looking for high-quality, custom-made furniture.


Using our modern iDry Vacuum Kiln, we can dry your wood faster and more effectively than anyone else! There's a reason this new science with wood drying has exploded. Come find out for yourself!


Lumber & Slab Sales

We have a huge selection of dimensional lumber and live-edge slabs, with all kinds of species, sizes, and stories! We take pride in providing high-quality, kiln-dried, surfaced wood for your next project.

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Kiln Drying


Custom CNC Work

With our specialized X-Carve Pro CNC Machine, we can carve, cut, surface, create, and personalize just about anything you need! Whether you want a cutting board with your grandmother's handwriting engraved on it or you want a custom sign made, our beast of a machine can handle it.

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Custom Furniture

Building unique, high-end furniture is one of our deepest passions and something we thrive on. With our expansive workshop and decades of experience, we can build you anything: A stunning dining room table, modern/custom kitchen cabinets, the closet of your dreams, a custom bedroom suite, cutting boards, and so much more. We're here to help bring your vision to life!

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Custom Saw-Milling

Using our Woodland Mills Sawmill, we can custom cut your logs however you want. Even better, we can travel to your property or you can simply bring your logs to us. Save yourself time and money by utilizing the amazing trees and logs you already have. Time to create something meaningful!

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Hiking Boots

Log Salvaging

*Coming Soon!

Do you have logs laying around your property that you'd simply like to get rid of? Or maybe a recent storm took down a couple of your trees and you need them removed? Depending on the quality, we'll give you peace of mind by coming to remove your fallen logs! 

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Carpentry Work

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