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Kiln Drying

The most efficient and modernized method for drying your lumber




To celebrate our grand opening, we are offering a limited special discount for your first kiln drying order! Get 25% OFF today by submitting the form below!

Using our modern iDRY Vacuum Kiln, we can dry your wood faster and more effectively than anyone else! Vacuum kiln drying is superior in every way and offers a fast, reliable and efficient drying process, using a combination perfectly-balanced heat and a vacuum environment. This is what modernized lumber treatment looks like!


Any knowledgeable and experienced woodworker knows that it's wildly important to have wood that's properly dried and sterilized before building any type of furniture or finished piece. For any premium wood project, kiln-dried wood is an absolute must. The primary goal is to avoid excessive movement in the wood once the project is finished and in its final resting place; movement such as cracking, splitting, warping, rotting, etc. Not only that but our iDRY vacuum kiln will kill all the bugs, mold, and fungus inside the wood, as it meets the USDA Heat Sterilization Requirements.

Since the vacuum technology can dry your wood 5x to 10x faster than traditional kilns, it will end up saving you so much valuable time and money! Additionally, because of its advanced and balanced drying system, this vacuum kiln technology is particularly great for evenly drying thick, wide slabs all the way to their core, preserving the rich colors and characteristics of the wood and ensuring the highest quality finish. The drying science utilizes a vacuum to lower the temperature at which water boils (evaporates). Wood is stronger at a lower temperature so by drying at this lower temperature and pressure threshold, we can accelerate the drying time without harming wood. Vacuum pressure also sucks the water from the inside core to the outer shell, which is particularly handy for drying thicker dimensions perfectly.

We offer our kiln drying service to other wood enthusiasts, DIYer's, woodworkers, and professionals all across the state of PA and surrounding areas! If you're looking for the most ideal way to dry your lumber, Timber Bear is ready to support and help you today. There's a reason this new science with wood drying has exploded. Come find out for yourself!

Kiln drying lumber and slabs in the iDRY vacuum kiln is our absolute primary business offering. It doesn't get any better than this! We dry our own wood to build fun projects and then we dry wood for you to use with your own projects! 

How Our Process Works


Let's connect! You can either fill out the form below or call/text Tyler directly at 814-502-3226. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll exchange questions to make sure everything makes sense. We'll also need to verify that your wood is at 25% moisture content or under.


Once you're ready to get in line for the next opening, you'll fill out our user agreement and then we'll determine the exact wood details for your order: approximate board feet, dimensions, wood species, estimated drying time, and estimated cost. Half of the estimated cost will be due upon arrival.


Next, we'll schedule a specific timeframe to get your wood dried and determine whether you can bring the wood to our headquarters or you need us to come pick up your order (for an additional fee). Once we have your order, your job is done and you don't have to do anything else until we contact you after completion. 


Once it's time for your wood to go into the kiln, we'll perfectly stack and load everything right away, get the kiln fired up, and dial in the necessary settings to ensure our system dries your lumber according to your specifications. Your wood is now officially drying!


As your wood is drying, we'll stay in contact with you to keep you updated and to schedule a day/time for you to pick up your order or a date for us to deliver (for an additional fee). Once your wood is officially done drying, we'll unload the kiln and neatly stack your order in our holding garage until it's ready to leave us. We'll also invoice you the remaining balance due. After everything is processed, we'll arrange for pickup or delivery. It's officially time for you to create something masterful and amazing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is a vacuum kiln really more efficient than other conventional kilns? We can't say YES enough to this question! Wildly superior and more efficient, it's not even a question. This specific vacuum and heating method dries wood up to 10 times faster than conventional methods. The resulting product is beautiful and prestine, free from much warping, cupping, pests, rot, decay and even discoloration often found in dehumidification and strictly air-drying methods. Vacuum kiln drying is the new and modernized science!

2) What kind of wood can you dry in a kiln? Just about every species and option you can think of! Hardwoods, softwoods, slabs, dimensional lumber, cookies, etc., we have you covered!

3) What exactly is a board foot? A board foot is different than a traditional linear foot that we measure everything else with. A board foot is 12" long x 12" wide x 1" thick. It's a commonly used measurement in the lumber and woodworking world but one that's very easy to calculate. Here's a simple equation for a specific board: Take the feet in inches x width in inches x thickness in inches, divided by 144. Example: Let's say you have a board that's 8' long, 24" wide, and 2.5" thick. We'll mutiply 96" x 24" x 2.5 and then /144 to get 40 board feet.

4) What is moisture content and how is it accurately measured? Moisture content in wood is simply referring to how much water is in a piece of wood, both in the sapwood (outer part) and in the heartwood (middle core part). There are a lot of different moisture meters out there, some being much more accurate than others. We use a meter that has a pin hammer, allowing us to test deeper in the wood, giving us a super accurate reading. Our goal with the kiln is to obviously reduce the moisture content to help keep your boards straight and even, while preserving the characteristics and adding more protection from decay, pests, etc.

5) Does my wood need to air dry before being kiln dried? It certainly depends. We typically air dry most of the wood we cut and mill ourselves but we've also put wood directly into our kiln after cutting it down. Ideally, we like to get the moisture content below 25% before putting it in the kiln. It's not technically necessary to air dry but it can definitely help the kiln process and lowering the risk of any negative movement or wood reaction. An general rule for air drying is that it will take on average 1 year per 1 inch board thickness. If you are air drying, your wood should be symmetrically stacked with stickers in between each level, raised off the ground, and weighted down for even pressure.

6) What is the ideal moisture content for woodworking projects? A general goal for lower moisture content is 8-12%. For fine woodworking and premium furniture making, the moisture content should be around 6-8%. In our kiln drying process here at Timber Bear, we try to get our average moisture content to 7% when drying, unless previously discussed with clients. Every region, town, and house are going to have different environments that will allow or not allow for certain moisture percentages. Wherever your wood ends up, it will equalize based on the surroundings. It's recommended that your kiln dried wood should be stored in a climate controlled area to ensure moisture stability and protection.

7) How can I get my wood to and from your facility? Great question! You can either bring the wood to our facility yourself, when scheduled, or we can potentially come pick up and re-deliver your wood for an additional fee.

8) What should I do with my wood once it's properly kiln dried? This is such an important question to plan for. As soon as you get your lumber back, you're ready to start making things with it! If you plan on using the wood for furniture making or premium projects, you'll want to make sure to keep it stored indoors and in a more climate controlled environment, particlarly with lower humidity. The moisture content of the wood will eventually stabilize based on its surrounding environment so the more regulated that is, the better! Keeping it neatly and symmetrically stacked will help maintain shape and prevent unwanted movement. Storing somewhere away from bugs and unnecessary moisture is always recommended whenever possible, as well. Good luck with your projects!

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